HP’s flexible, cost-effective healthcare information system now available to UK NHS trusts

Published: 10-Mar-2015

HP HCIS drives improvements in patient care while reducing costs

HP Enterprise Services today announced that HP’s flexible, cost-effective healthcare information system (HCIS) is now available to all NHS trusts through the NHS England OpenSource programme.

A web-based alternative to traditionally-licensed electronic patient record (EPR) systems, HP HCIS drives improvements in patient care while saving money by providing healthcare providers and clinical professionals with fast access to the entire information system of their organisation. Provided licence-free to NHS trusts, it will significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

“UK NHS trusts need a real alternative to traditionally-licensed EPR systems in their move to paperless working,” said Richard Jefferson, head of programme vommissioning at NHS England.

“Part of our ever-expanding group of OpenSource community products, HP HCIS is designed to be used across primary, mental health, community, acute and social care settings.”

An integrated, open healthcare information system, HP HCIS incorporates standard templates to support patient-centred care. Clinical staff can design their own forms, reports, workflows and pathways, which can then be shared by the OpenSource community. As a result, HP HCIS is able to handle specialised requirements such as community working and mental health as well as the pressurised demands of the biggest hospitals.

“HP HCIS is already used in more than 120 hospitals in Spain, including the 300-bed Hospital Comarcal d'Inca in Mallorca, which is a fully paperless hospital,” said Mary Mirabelli, vice president of healthcare global practice at HP.

“Being open source, it gives the same assurance as a proprietary solution with the added benefits of transparency, flexibility, and the ability to share innovation - and HP believes that open standards help achieve better patient outcomes.”

With effect from 16 February 2015, HP was appointed to three lots of the Framework for the Provision of Healthcare Information Systems Services developed by NHS Shared Business Services: core clinical systems, stand-alone A&E systems and stand-alone e-prescribing.

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