How facilities managers support energy management

Published: 8-Jul-2022

When you’re running a large business with many buildings, getting advice from expert facilities managers can be vital to becoming energy efficient

Energy management is becoming an essential aspect of many businesses. It can save your company money and help reduce your carbon footprint.


To understand how facilities managers support energy management, we need to first understand what that means. Energy management refers to the process of tracking and optimising energy consumption.

Energy management involves collecting and analysing data to make informed decisions on reducing energy usage and therefore costs. It’s an important factor to running every business, especially as UK energy bills have reached new heights with a current inflation rate of 9%.


Having good energy management in your business is beneficial in many ways. It will:

1. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Using less energy is beneficial to everyone, as using less energy will help to slow down global warming.

2. Reduce your operating costs.

As businesses face a soar in energy bills, saving money on energy usage could be make or break. By becoming more energy efficient, you can keep your overheads and operating costs as low as possible. Planned operational costs will also extend the lifecycle of your assets.

3. Reduce your maintenance spend.

Good energy management techniques can save you money on maintenance, too. For example, LED lightbulbs are more energy-efficient than traditional lightbulbs, using 75% less energy. But they also last longer with an average life of up to 10 years, meaning you need to replace them less frequently.

Simply put, less energy waste helps you to run your business better.


For larger companies who know they can review their energy consumption, reduce costs, and reduce their carbon footprint, there is a lot to do. Although energy management can be an ongoing task, many people opt to treat it as a one-off project. This can be a more manageable process, as it can be reviewed again later.

If your business knows it can work towards a greener future, but you don’t have the expertise in-house, Artic facilities managers offer their expert knowledge on one-off energy management projects. We can become an extension of your team for a short time to help deliver great results.

Our team can monitor the real-time condition of your site to spot energy saving opportunities. They will then create a plan and help you implement those changes. After the energy management project, your company will feel assured you’ve done as much as possible to become energy efficient with today’s technology. We recommend you review this regularly to avoid any slippage.


There are many ways to start becoming more energy efficient. Depending on the size of your business, your priorities will be different. With larger corporations, there may be more opportunities to start generating your own electricity sources. With smaller companies, you may consider selecting a green energy supplier.

At Artic, we have successfully helped many large businesses with their energy management. From reducing energy use in leading Universities to lowering carbon emissions in the NHS, Artic can support any sized energy management project. We have a proven track record of helping large companies to reduce their energy bills.

Your Artic facilities managers can decide the best next steps and oversee your project, including:

  • Auditing your site to review energy consumption.
  • Identify ways to reduce your usage and energy bills.
  • Create a plan to install more energy efficient options, such as heat pumps, electric industrial boilers, and other technologies.
  • Review your current lighting and advise how to reduce usage and costs, such as installing LED lightbulbs and motion sensors.
  • Promoting behaviour changes to keep in line with achieving Carbon Net Zero.
  • Working with you to develop plans to optimise current assets, including repairs and maintenance.
  • Monitoring the real-time condition of your site to spot energy saving opportunities.

Specialist facilities managers like us can help to support the transition to being more energy efficient. Energy management projects give you a full overview of what your current business situation is and how to improve it.

If your business needs an energy management plan creating and project management to improve your energy efficiency, get in touch with the Artic team today.

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