Hospital maintains patient safety during relocation with Zebra Technologies

Published: 4-Dec-2019

Touch computers enable fast, accurate move to new Royal Papworth Hospital site

The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust used Android-based Zebra TC57 andTC77 touch computers to help mantain patient safety during the relocation between the two sites of The Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire.

“We chose the Zebra TC57 and TC77 touch computers from Zebra Technologies for their locationing capability and ease of use, which allowed us to make real-time command decision making,” said Jamie Fountain, resilience manager and national inter-agency liaison officer at the trust.

“The solution helped us plan the move and delivered accurate, real-time patient workflows. It also reduced Papworth Hospital’s clinical risk as patient care resourcing was contained on a single site.”

The hospital had only one day to rapidly transfer all patients to its new site on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, and its goal was to ensure overall patient safety during this transfer with minimal impact on operational efficiency.

The ambulance service, which provides accident and emergency services along with patient transport services, was selected to manage the entire relocation.

It had real-time workflow tracking by deploying the Airbox MOSAIC application from Airbox Systems, a Zebra ISV partner, in all of its patient transport vehicles and on the TC57/TC77 devices.

"We collaborated with Airbox Systems to deliver a collaborative information and intelligence sharing solution that supports patient safety,” said Matt Wroughton, account manager at Zebra Technologies.

"The Zebra devices are designed to meet East of England Ambulance NHS Trust’s patient transport and emergency services’ needs, enabling accurate, real-time data capture to streamline this patient relocation project’s workflow efficiencies.”

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