Ergotron launches LifeKinnex Battery Technology

Published: 27-Feb-2020

LiFeKinnex battery solution for powered medical carts gives clinicians more time to focus on patients

Ergotron has launched an innovative battery solution for powered medical carts.

Designed for on-cart charging or hot swap, LiFeKinnex allows clinicians to spend more of their time treating their patients and be less concerned on battery life and non-functional medical equipment.

By using a LifeKinnex battery, doctors and nurses no longer need to worry about finding a place to plug in a powered medical cart and disrupting their workflow.

Its Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry lasts for more cycles than a comparable Lithium Iron battery, can be discharged fully without complications, and offers a lower total cost of ownership for healthcare organisations.

Among its key features, the LifeKinnex uses a magnetic power connection to support quick battery swaps, while the power module’s built-in battery keeps on-cart systems running continuously during the process.

And longer battery life and faster charging time means it recharges three to four times faster than a comparable SLA battery, with no risk of overcharging or overheating.

The LifeKinnex also accommodates any workflow; as users can plug in the unit to quickly charge the cart, even during use, or use the optional four-bay wall or desk battery charger to keep the cart moving with a hot swap.

“Ergotron’s design philosophy is focused on the needs of our users, and clinicians need the convenience and versatility the LifeKinnex provides,” said Paul Zuidema, Ergotron managing director.

“By removing the need to find plugs for powered carts we’re helping to alleviate one of the long-standing inconveniences of legacy technology that was designed to be functional, not helpful.”

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