Electronic patient record solution rolled out at third UK hospital

Published: 8-May-2019

PatientSource deployed in James Paget University Hospital's updated ambulatory care unit

Innovative Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution, PatientSource, has been rolled out at a third UK hospital.

The cloud-based EPR system has gone live at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Ambulatory Care Unit and will transform the way in which the unit operates.

PatientSource makes extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make it a smarter assistant for doctors and nurses, predicting resource usage and patient health needs more effectively.

Using the solution, members of the healthcare team will be able to simultaneously access patient data and track progress in real time, eliminating the possibility of misplaced patient records.

Dr Michael Brooks, co-founder and chief medical officer at PatientSource, said: “We first put PatientSource into the ambulatory care unit in 2016, and now we're delighted to be able to formally relaunch in the expanded unit.

“PatientSource is a next-generation cloud-based electronic medical record system which can scale from an independent single clinical practice to an entire hospital-wide solution.”

Backed by Microsoft UK and Trustmarque, the platform works on tablets, laptops and desktops without the need for installation.

For more on PatientSource, click here.

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