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By Jo Makosinski | Published: 14-Dec-2022

Versus Arthritis partners with Cognitant to support MSK patients

Versus Arthritis has partnered with Cognitant Group to provide better access to information, advice, and tools for millions of people with arthritis and musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

Via Cognitant’s patient empowerment platform, Healthinote, the new partnership will enable people to manage their condition at home with information based on the latest evidence.

A comprehensive selection of Versus Arthritis’ resources, which includes health information, support services, and exercise videos, will now be accessible through the Healthinote platform and will enable clinicians to seamlessly prescribe the content to their patients. 

Healthinote, which supports over 29 million patients in the UK, can provide resources in multiple formats and languages, making it accessible to more patients and supporting them to play an active role in their treatment.

Integrated support

And the platform is integrated with more than 3,000 GP practices and enables GPs to offer a digital prescription from a patient’s first appointment.

By adding Versus Arthritis content to the platform, GPs can now provide people with MSK conditions with safe and reliable resources about their conditions.

Digital health information prescriptions can relieve pressure on general practice by reducing repeat appointments and increasing the value of each clinical interaction.

Healthinote is also integrated with eConsult, a digital triage and bookings system, so patients will be able to access relevant resources ahead of their initial GP appointment, improving the quality of consultations and personalising their experience of care.

“GPs are the main healthcare contact for people living with arthritis”, said Dr Alice Wood, GP and clinical director of Cognitant.

Relieving the pressure

“In the UK there are 10 million people living with arthritis, and 20 million living with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

“Each year one in five adults will consult their GP for a MSK condition, accounting for one in seven GP consultations, so it’s vital to have tools that help to manage this demand, and relieve the pressure on overstretched GPs.” 

The partnership will provide support, not only to those first contacting their GP about their condition, but also those awaiting surgery.

Dr Wood said: “With digital prescriptions, GPs can be assured they are offering patients the fullest range of effective interventions to choose from.”

Zoe Chivers, director of services and influencing at Versus Arthritis, added: “Living with arthritis is not just about ‘having a few aches and pains’. For some, it can have a profound and far-reaching impact on their lives. 

“Offering a wider range of treatment options for people living with arthritis will help reduce the pressures on the NHS in the longrun and we’re excited that, through this partnership with Cognitant, we can increase access to Versus Arthritis' services and make a big difference to people's lives, especially those waiting for surgery.”

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