CME Medical launches new infusion pump range

Published: 5-Nov-2012

Infusion pumps differentiate between PCA and epidural, enhancing patient safety

CME Medical has launched its new ColourVision range of infusion pumps which have been specially designed and colour coded for safe and effective pain management.

The new BodyGuard ColourVision 575 PCA and the BodyGuard ColourVision 545 Epidural Infusion Pumps come with a full-colour digital descriptive display offering clarity and detailed infusion data. The data available includes detailed protocol information on two lines and a clear rate display with unit value. It also shows actual pressure to allow close monitoring of real-time in-line pressure.

The bolus rate and pressure is displayed on the main screen while the bolus is being delivered. the Shift Totals screen will show all attempted and delivered patient boluses, bolus total volume, and total volume infused over an elapsed time and these can be reset as required.

For added safety there is a clear visual indicator on screen of remaining charge when operating the pumps by battery, and there are dedicated colour-coded administration sets available denoting which is epidural and which is PCA, making them safer to use.

The flexibility of the pumps gives patients added dignity by allowing them to ambulate as required. Plus, a patient-controlled bolus handset with LED indicator will put the patient in control of their pain by alerting them when a bolus is available and when a bolus is being delivered.

Andy Churnside, sales and marketing director of CME Medical, said: “These pumps provide configurable and effective pain management for an improved patient experience, with safety built in as standard. The new full-colour digital descriptive display means they are quick and easy to use allowing more time for patients.”

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