Abloy UK launches innovative escape door system

Published: 17-Sep-2018

Escape Door System (EDS) ensures compliance and security while enabling easy access and egress

Abloy UK has launched an innovative Escape Door System (EDS) that offers easy access and egress while ensuring compliance, security, and the ability to implement dynamic lockdown procedures.

With the EDS, it is now possible to provide a compliant solution for an escape door when read-in/read-out access control is specified, combining the three components required for BS EN 13637 electronically controlled escape door systems for doors along escape routes’.

The EDS offers ‘blocking’, with a fail-unlocked locking element that does not require any mechanical input to operate, and ‘intelligent control’ that allows connection to fire alarm systems or other building control systems to ensure escape in an emergency.

In addition, the ‘trigger’ unit incorporates a key-switch and a push button that tells the controller to release the locking mechanism to allow safe escape.

To be a valid BS EN 13637 solution, these three components must be tested together to ensure compliance and safety.

Abloy also understands the importance of being able to quickly restrict access in response to threats, which is why the EDS provides dynamic lockdown, allowing specific zones that may be at risk within a building to be cordoned off, while still allowing escape.

Models available include the EDS 1386 No Delay Terminal - Surface Mounted Escape door 24 V DC, and the EDS 1386 T1 Delay Terminal - Surface Mounted Escape door 24 V DC.

Abloy also offers free academy courses – including the Foundations and Foundations Plus - to provide training of the highest standard on compliant locking solutions, with dedicated facilities for presentations and hands-on practical training.

Caroline Jones, product manager at Abloy UK, said: “The importance of emergency escape systems is often underestimated because such events are relatively rare, but getting it wrong can lead to the loss of life, substantial fines, and even custodial sentences.

“Security products and systems are always implemented to protect some form of asset, but at Abloy UK we firmly believe that the most-valuable asset is life – which is why we offer products such as the EDS as well as pioneering education of life safety standards with our free academy courses.”

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