£6m health centre opens its doors to patients

Published: 17-Jul-2018

Hertfordshire health and wellbeing centre brings adult and children's services under one roof

A new £6m health and wellbeing centre that will bring adult and children’s services together under one roof has opened its doors to patients in Hertfordshire.

Property and construction consultancy, Ingleton Wood, led and designed the project, converting the former council building at Marlowes in Hemel Hempstead into a modern, state-of-the-art medical building.

The development, built by Borras Construction, is a joint venture between Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust (HCT) and Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT).

It will see both adult and children’s physical and mental health services co located within one building.

Tom Cahill, HPFT’s chief executive, said: “Mental and physical health are very closely linked. This joint project is part of our wider vision to continue to innovate, offering treatment and facilities of the very highest quality.

“Working together and sharing our expertise will provide more-integrated care, improving the overall experience and wellbeing for our service users.”

The facility, which was adapted from two derelict 1980s office blocks, was originally deemed too expensive through the NHS procurement route under the P21 framework.

But, in response, Ingleton Wood provided a series of cost-effective solutions to keep the project to a tight budget, including the installation of new cooling and ventilation systems, resulting in a more-efficient and environmentally-friendly building.

Services in the new building include bladder and bowel care, diabetes retinal screening, and cardiology, as well as the children’s medical team, dentistry and speech, and language therapy.

Adult and children’s mental health services will also be available.

Paul Cavalier, partner at Ingleton Wood, said: “It was great to be involved with such a landmark project, working in partnership with trusts that lead the way by combining healthcare services in a cohesive and pioneering manner.@

Clare Hawkins, acting chief executive at HCT, added: "The refurbishment has transformed the building and equipped it with up-to-date-facilities which are greatly appreciated by everyone who uses this centre.

“The design is bright and light, with large windows in most of the clinic rooms. Overall this creates a very therapeutic and pleasant environment.”

The new Marlowes Health Centre has the children’s medical team providing both mental and physical health services under one roof

The new Marlowes Health Centre has the children’s medical team providing both mental and physical health services under one roof

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