Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre completes refurbishment

By Lina Kurdi | Published: 10-Jul-2024

The centre for adult patients with severe brain injuries and other neurological conditions has completed its refurbishments with new facilities and gardens

Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in York, UK, part of the Active Care Group, has completed refurbishments with new facilities and gardens.

The Active Care Group is a UK provider of complex care, with specialist facilities in England and Wales.

The Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre 

Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is a purpose-built facility on a 3.5-acre plot with gardens and mature woodlands surrounding the facility.

The centre supports adult patients with acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, severe neurological conditions, complex stroke, and spinal cord injury.

Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is a purpose-built facility

Services at the centre include:

  • Intensive neurological rehabilitation
  • Physical, cognitive, functional and vocational assessments
  • Behavioural management 
  • Complex disability assessments

Further, the Centre has 27 en-suite bedrooms of which 20 have ceiling tracking hoists from the bedroom to the en-suite.

The refurbishment of Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

A Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre spokesperson told Building Better Healthcare that the refurbishment was mainly implemented by local contractors with “proven experience in improving care environments.”

The contractors were sourced by the centre's in-house estates team, who are “specialised in finding and procuring contractors experienced in healthcare settings,” according to the spokesperson. 

The contractors were sourced by the Centre's in-house estates team

The refurbishment of the centre included:

  • Modernising patient rooms
  • Improving communal areas designed to create a more comfortable and supportive environment for patients undergoing rehabilitation
  • State-of-the-art equipment 

The refurbishment project at Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is part of an ongoing effort to create a healing environment that supports both physical and emotional recovery to give patients the best possible chance of a successful rehabilitation.

"The redecoration and refurbishment have significantly enhanced the environment at Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Service. This improvement has been well received by everyone using, working, and visiting the service," the spokesperson continued.

"Moving forward, we plan to continue developing the service environment in collaboration with our patients and their families to achieve the optimal balance between homely and clinical. This approach aims to enhance the overall experience of care at Woodlands," the spokesperson concluded. 


Photo: Patient at Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre
Photo credit: Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

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