Radiometer launches new Acute Care Testing handbook

Published: 20-Oct-2014

Guide designed to support decision-making in acute and high dependency settings

Radiometer has released a new Acute Care Testing handbook designed to support decision-making processes in acute and high dependency settings.

Available as either a printed handbook or eBook, it is intended as a supplement to comprehensive text books, offering a straightforward guide to a variety of acute care blood tests.

Fast access to blood tests is a mainstay in the diagnosis and treatment of acute disease. Oxygenation status and acid-base balance are determined by blood gas analysis and constitute a central part of modern evidence-based treatment algorithms in critical care. Similarly, cardiac biomarkers are becoming increasingly important in the acute setting, helping to rapidly identify patients at high risk. The Acute Care Testing handbook provides instant reminders of vitally-important clinical facts for healthcare professionals interpreting blood tests within critical care.

Valérie Soulier, vice-president of global marketing at Radiometer, said: “We are proud to launch this reference tool, offering healthcare professionals a concise guide to the spectrum of parameters provided by state-of-the-art blood testing devices within critical care. Building on the success of our popular Blood Gas Handbook, this reflects the latest breakthroughs in clinical understanding, explaining each parameter’s role and pathophysiology in a straightforward, easy to understand manner, as well as the most likely causes of abnormalities.”

To download your free copy of the Acute Care Testing handbook, click here.

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