Phonak hearing aid portfolio now available on the NHS

Published: 4-Dec-2017

Nathos Auto with Exclusive Zoom Technology offers outstanding performance

Phonak UK has launched a new hearing aid portfolio specially designed for the NHS.

Nathos Auto is powered through the fastest and highest capacity chip platform available to the NHS.

Exclusive Zoom Technology enables the new aids to offer outstanding performance in even the most-challenging listening environments and a 30% improvement in battery life.

A seamless experience

As there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the diverse range of listening situations a person is exposed to, Phonak has designed Nathos Auto to offer a range of tailor-made listening programmes to optimise hearing performance – even in noisy environments or in the car.

Thanks to the new AutoSense OS operating system, Nathos Auto is capable of creating up to 67 discrete hearing programmes.

AutoSense OS, which is unique to Phonak, offers numerous processing solutions within the automatic blending algorithm, allowing it to overcome speech in background noise for a clear hearing experience. In addition, AutoSense OS automatically adapts to the users’ surroundings, eliminating the need for manual adjustment of hearing programmes. Nathos Auto also offers an industry-leading music feature that provides the best music listening experience.

Superior performance in noise

Nathos Auto also supports StereoZoom – an advanced directional microphone beam-forming technology. Its design provides greatly-improved comprehension of speech compared with traditional directional microphones in situations where high levels of background noise are present.

An added benefit of Nathos Auto is that users can choose to connect via an interface to commonly-used mobile devices such as smartphones, TVs or tablets, etc.

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