New 24-hour health service is designed around the patient

24/7 private clinic designed to combine elements of spa, hotels and medical centres to promote recovery

The new (med)24 facility has been designed by Threefold Architects, using a more-holistic and flexible approach to enhance the patient experience

A new type of private medical clinic is being developed in central London, designed with patient wellbeing at its core.

(med)24 will provide immediate and affordable access to world-class GPs at any time.

Designed by Threefold Architects, the 7,000sq ft flagship healthcare facility in Paddington takes the best elements of medical and spa environments to form a calm and positive experience.

This has been achieved through carefully-planned layouts, as well as considered material selections and lighting.

Aiming to redefine the next generation of healthcare facilities in the UK, (med)24 is conceived as a one-stop-shop able to carry out tests, diagnostics, and treatments in a single visit.

Traditional waiting and reception spaces have been redesigned to provide more open-plan, light-filled spaces for an end-to-end patient experience. Image, Charles Hosea

The clinic features five consulting rooms, two treatment rooms for minor procedures, a therapy suite, and access to specialists in nutrition, sports medicine, men’s health, women’s health, children’s health, and preventative medicine.

A more-holistic and flexible approach was therefore required to meet a seamless end-to-end patient experience.

The traditional desk and plastic chairs have been replaced by wide, open-plan spaces where visitors are welcomed by staff.

Seating areas in the spaces between different zones provide moments of calm and a chance to reflect, with carefully-calibrated lighting that allows people to read without being too intrusive.

And the journey from the waiting area to the consultation or treatment rooms marks a transition towards a more-medical series of rooms and to mediate this potentially-uncomfortable experience, Threefold has adopted techniques used more commonly in hospitality settings.

Natural materials have been chosen wherever possible and there is no formal desk separating the clinician and patient.

In addition, natural lighting is harnessed along the two longest walls of the building, with blinds to protect privacy.

Seating areas between zones provide places to reflect and relax

With hygiene standards essential, a careful study of materials and surfaces was carried out and provides seamless edges throughout all spaces.

Matthew Driscoll, director at Threefold Architects, said: “We hope that the flagship (med)24 clinic will revolutionise the healthcare experience for both walk-in patients and members alike.

“The care pathway has been the central focus of the strategic design, the consistency of which is set to reflect the needs and desires of those who will return on a regular basis.

“The end design offers the same levels of privacy, comfort, and service upon every visit, ensuring all spaces have a familiar and crafted feel which assures a welcoming, calm experience based around positive associations.”