Mental Health 2018 Delivering the Five Year Forward View

Published: 5-Apr-2018

The independent Mental Health Taskforce published its Five Year Forward View in February 2016, setting out the current state of mental health service provision in England and making recommendations in all service areas.

NHS England accepted all the recommendations in the report for which it held responsibility and it was agreed with the Government that to support this transformation, mental health services will benefit from additional investment of £1billion per year by 2020/21.

In July 2016, NHS England published an Implementation Plan detailing how it will deliver the recommendations made by the taskforce working with its partner arms-length bodies.

The plan presents the timeframes and funding for delivery of the programmes of work which will transform mental health services.

It shows how the delivery partners will work together at national and local level, and how they will be held to account for meeting the timeframes and for using the funding in the most effective way.

Mental Health 2018 - Delivering the Five Year Forward View is an opportunity to consider progress of the Implementation Plan and monitor progress on its commitments to transform mental health services.

This conference will allow participants to hear from senior leaders from many of the key partner organisations involved in the plan.

Event venue: RSM, London

Organiser: Govconnect

Tel: +44 (0)161 246 6240



Mental Health 2018 Delivering the Five Year Forward View

19 September 2018 | RSM, London
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