Carelink provides mission-critical platform for maternity and neonatal applications


Clevermed uses hosted infrastructure services and connectivity to HSCN to provide clinicians and patients with access to maternity notes

Clevermed is using hosted infrastructure services and connectivity to HSCN from Carelink to provide NHS trusts, clinicians and patients with reliable, stable and secure access to its BadgerNet Maternity and Neonatal software products.

BadgerNet Maternity provides real-time recording of all clinical events wherever they occur; in the hospital, community, or at home.

It’s in use by more than 20 NHS trusts and health boards, recording approximately 120,000 pregnancies per year.

BadgerNet NeoNatal forms a single record of care for all babies within neonatal services, in use in over 250 hospitals throughout the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Jane Stephenson, programme manager at Clevermed, said: “In the old days, when a woman was pregnant, she would need to keep her medical notes with her. This paper-based process is open to error, lost notes and repetition of conversations between the patient and care provider.

“Providing a single record of care solution for patients across all connected hospitals, decreases risk to the patient.”

Clevermed’s software is hosted by Carelink and connected to HSCN, effectively replacing the function of patients carrying paper notes between appointments.

The full software application is available to medical staff in any location and, with permission, patients can also access a controlled, summary record themselves via an Android or iPhone app.

The new network also improves the user experience for BadgerNet applications and eliminates any bottlenecks.

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It gives greater bandwidth and improves the experience for users, opening up new possibilities to Clevermed for delivering enhanced services.