B. Braun introduces WHIN Safe Huber Needle

Published: 13-Jan-2010

Helps protect against needle-stick injuries, blood and fluid exposure

B. Braun Medical Inc. has launched its new safe and easy-to-use WHIN Safe Huber Needle, an implantable port access device that integrates the features of two safety devices in a single Huber Needle and provides clinicians with advanced protection from needle-stick injuries and expelled blood and fluid.

There are three models of the WHIN Safe Huber Needle — a standard model, a model with a needle-free injection site and a model with an open Y-injection site. With an easy-to-dress and intuitive design, the device includes a safety shield that covers the needle tip as it is withdrawn, ensuring both clinician and patient safety.

‘The key to the WHIN Safe Huber Needle is that it requires minimal change in technique on the part of clinicians,’ said Tom Sutton, director of marketing vascular access for B. Braun Medical Inc. ‘That means it can be immediately deployed to provide added measures of safety.’

B. Braun’s WHIN Safe Huber Needle website provides information on the device as well as information on best practices for clinicians as part of B. Braun’s ‘Sharing Expertise’ philosophy.

‘The website offers clinicians a focused, easily accessible way to obtain product information as well as information on how the WHIN Safe Huber Needle can enhance clinician and patient safety,’ added Sutton.

The WHIN Safe Huber Needle is one product in a comprehensive line of safe, environmentally responsible B. Braun oncology infusion therapy products. These include pumps that enhance IV safety at home and in clinic settings; PVC-free and DEHP-free IV bags that reduce patient exposure to harmful plasticisers and help healthcare facilities meet their environmental objectives; IV sets and UV-resistant tubing; needle-free IV systems; and IV catheters and Huber needles. The WHIN Safe Huber Needle will be offered to oncology outpatient centers, home infusion therapy and hospital-based oncology facilities.

B. Braun also adds value to its oncology infusion therapy product line with clinical analysis programmes to improve patient and practitioner safety, clinical mentoring programmes as well as programmes for clinicians and pharmacists and 24/7 clinical and technical support.

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