ibml unveils the world's fastest, ultra-high-volume, intelligent scanner


The ibml FUSiON, a comprehensive intelligent information capture solution, offers transformative solutions for outdated information management processes

Fusion 7700

Imaging Business Machines (ibml), a leading global provider of intelligent information capture solutions, has unveiled its next generation of ultra-high-volume scanners. The new ibml FUSiONTM Series ignites the fusion of disparate capture processes into one streamlined solution, using in-line intelligence at fast throughput speeds up to 730 A4 pages per minute and 938 checks per minute.

The intelligent, scalable document capture platform, ibml FUSiON, accelerates customers' mission-critical applications by extracting information from documents to digital processes, thus enabling digital transformation.

In a survey by the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), 62% of organisations said they "are committed to digital transformation." Paper documents remain a large source of business input for organisations. Ever-increasing data volumes demand exponentially faster processing and ways to eliminate tedious and unnecessary pre-scan and post-scan labor which eats 76% of total capture costs and majorly drains operational efficiency. ibml's FUSiON brings previously uncontrolled information under control.

ibml FUSiON is poised to truly transform those industries with the most demanding document capture needs of today and tomorrow, empowering their digital transformation, while reducing costs

"For nearly three decades, the world's largest organisations in the most data-rich environments such as banking, government and BPOs have trusted ibml to overcome their core information management challenges," said ibml President and CEO, Martin Birch. “Using industry-leading intelligence and accelerated speeds, we extract actionable data, capture insights and expedite critical decision-making for our customers located in over 48 countries. With the ibml FUSiON, shifting to one infrastructure for all capture needs allows organisations to radically reduce real estate, labor and maintenance costs while pushing productivity forward. ibml FUSiON is poised to truly transform those industries with the most demanding document capture needs of today and tomorrow, empowering their digital transformation, while reducing costs."

Fusion 7300

ibml FUSiON Series sets new benchmarks for high-volume intelligent capture, which include these key highlights:

  • Real-time, in-line intelligence that helps understand documents, extracting data early in the process to minimize errors downstream
  • The fastest throughput in its class; ibml FUSiON is 67% faster than its predecessor and allows customers to do mission-critical jobs in tight timelines and handle greater volume, driving better productivity and lowering costs
  • New patent-pending ibml iQpro image processing technology optimizes image capture for better accuracy of data extraction from images
  • Feeding enhancements and wider document track minimize exceptions and maximize the variety of document sizes that can be handled
  • Patent-pending envelope detection reduces stops and increases productivity while allowing for reducing the need for separator sheets
  • Motorised output sort pockets neatly stack sorted documents, reducing post-scan costs
  • Document content-based dynamic printing creates smart audit trails for scanned documents, securing the chain of custody of documents
  • User-centric design makes it easy to use, and user-friendly error alerts quickly identify problems, minimising fatigue and improving productivity
  • Smart industrial design maximises system uptime with separated airflow systems that keep paper dust out of system electronics

In the NHS, ibml scanners are used to process all UK prescriptions. It's an astonishing workload as around 500 million prescription forms totalling in excess of 1 billion items are written every year by GPs. The NHS Business Services Authority scans and processes these prescription items in Newcastle and authorizes payments over £9 billion for these services.

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