eMEDlink from CSC for virtual ward rounds

CSC has launched a pioneering telemedicine platform, enabling clinicians in primary and secondary care to conduct secure, remote audio visual consultations and empowering patients to take more control over their health and wellbeing. eMEDlink enables patients to be closely monitored, with virtual ward rounds and ad hoc consultations. It is hoped the deployment will help to reduce waiting times and the costs associated with unplanned admissions as well as reducing attendance at outpatient clinics and the pressure on patient transport. The solutions has the capability to support a number of conditions including COPD, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, mental health, obesity, palliative care, post-operative care, pregnancy and stroke. Freddy Lykke of CSC's European Healthcare Solution Centre, said: "This is a powerful solution in the way that it encompasses all three components of telemedicine: video consultation, the ability for patients to take their own measurements, and the ability to present data back to patients, not only those provided by them, but also all data held by medical providers. Combining this solution with other data means that telemedicine is not an isolated island. Very few telemedicine solutions on the market today offer such capability." CSC vice president, Dr Harald Deutsch, added: "At a time when health budgets are restricted and governments want patients to have more choice and take control of their care, the use of telemedicine seems an obvious solution to many health challenges with which our societies are faced."