Theraposture launches new profiling bed


Freedom Rise provides assistance for transferring between sitting and lying

Theraposture is to launch the Theraposture Freedom Rise profiling bed, delivering controlled and powered assistance for disabled people transferring between a seated and lying position.

New to the UK market, the bed provides powered mobility assistance for users as it transforms from a fully-flat bed to an articulated upright seated position and vice versa.

Far superior to ‘chair-bed’ designs, the Freedom Rise is a highly-durable bed that transforms into a chair configuration and has a 23 stone (146kg) user weight capacity. It also has the capability to support users wishing to sleep with an elevated headrest position – ideal for alleviating respiratory, circulation and pressure-related issues. It is supplied with a three-year warranty as standard and also includes a positional and adjustable pillow, bespoke cotton sheet and the sleeping surface is anti-slip.

David Holtum, Theraposture managing director, said: “The Theraposture Freedom Rise represents a breakthrough in the community care sector. The independent mobility it provides will eliminate rapidly increasing domiciliary care costs so individuals can enjoy living in their own home longer which has multiple benefits on many levels. With self-enablement and care at home continuing to be a main priority for all concerned with care provision in the UK, the Freedom Rise provides an ideal, cost-effective and trusted solution for all healthcare professionals to specify to relevant clients.

It now clearly solves a major issue for individuals living with mobility problems in the community and opens up the opportunity for so many to benefit from an improved level of health. Time and again we witness individuals who have resorted to sleeping in a chair and hence live with significant problems and deterioration in wellbeing. The Freedom Rise eliminates this scenario and its purchase price is only the same cost as several weeks of residential care, hence paying for itself in a very short space of time. As a business, Theraposture is proud to be introducing such a pioneering, problem-solving solution to the UK market.”

The bed is hand built with high-quality, hospital-standard components and materials. It has been brought to market following an extensive period of R&D and safety testing using high numbers of potential real-life users. This critical process was essential to ensure that functionality, speed, materials and aesthetics would meet certain criteria in the community. It encompasses a compact, sleek base that houses all mechanisms, a detachable headboard and a flexible sleeping platform that is easily accessible for carers. The Freedom Rise has four leg height options and is ideal for owners measuring between 5-6ft in height.

The sleeping surface consists of two individual layers of specialist Visco foam of varying densities that are extremely supportive while providing optimum flexibility for seamless movement of the bed. Both layers are fully encased in removable covers that are washable and crafted in highly-durable material that maximises hygiene levels and also provides anti-sheer contact.

There are several material options available that are specifically designed to cater for a variety of healthcare needs. The premium standard is also reflected in the internal mechanisms of the Freedom Rise, with all elements precisely engineered in robust, power-coated steel. A revolutionary, single actuator drives the movement of the bed so that levels of reliability are enhanced and maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum. Ease of operation for the end users has also been carefully considered during the design of the Theraposture Freedom Rise. The ergonomic hand controller, which is permanently connected to the bed via a durable, expandable cable, only has two buttons for up and down movement and is fully lit for easy location during the night.

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It will assist an individual from a seated to lying position within 45 seconds in a controlled and smooth manner. This represents a significant time saving for every transfer, as this independent movement does not require the assistance of a carer or relative. The Freedom Rise is also remarkable in its ability to allow the user to remain in an ideal position, irrespective of the bed angle, so further time-consuming and awkward adjustments are not required. The movement of the bed can be stopped at any point during operation and optional accessories such as lateral support rails, fitted sheets with sewn-in pillows and trays are also available.