Theraposture launches first fully-modular care cot


The Mascot Mark II care cot meets the changing needs of disabled children

Theraposture has unveiled the new Mascot Mark II, a world first in fully modular care cot design.

The Mark II Mascot care cot is the first fully-modular design available in the UK. Building on the heritage of the original model, it is a hand-built, individually-specified sleeping solution that provides complete flexibility to meet the changing needs of a disabled child.

Crafted in quality beech wood, it has interchangeable door heights of 60cm, 80cm, 90cm and 98cm. It can have four doors (on one side) or eight doors (on both sides) and is available in 170cm or 200cm long platforms, with and without profiling and Trendelenberg.

In addition there is a modular divider which can be used to make the cot smaller in the child’s earlier years.

A whole life solution for many children, it meets the BSEN 60601-2-52 safe working height requirement so that potential back strain is minimised for carers and parents. The hand-crafted padding is bespoke to each cot and made according to the recommendations highlighted in Theraposture’s assessment of user needs. Its craftsmen ensure there is a snug fit with no gaps that could cause potential risk and soft-touch Panvelle is commonly used which is non-permeable and anti-bacterial.

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A variety of fixing options are available along with an extensive range of colours, patterns and child-friendly prints that allows the Mascot to be personalised.