Sto unveils new acoustic solution for direct bonding to walls and ceilings


Compatible with a range of surface coatings, StoSilent Direct system can be used to create both seamless and visible joint acoustic surfaces

A new acoustic system launched by Sto provides a reliable and highly-absorbent solution for applications where the acoustic treatment must be applied direct onto walls and ceilings.

The new StoSilent Direct system joins the other acoustic solutions in the Sto range – StoSilent Distance, StoSilent Modular and StoSilent Compact – which are the product of over 25 years of research. These allow Sto to offer an effective, practical and visually-attractive acoustic solution for virtually any type of requirement.

Compatible with a wide range of surface coatings, the new StoSilent Direct system can be used to create both seamless and visible joint acoustic surfaces. It features sandwich construction panels made of stone wool and expanded glass granulate. These need no supporting sub-construction and can be bonded directly to a wide range of substrates. This results in a minimal reduction in headroom, while the panels still provide high levels of sound absorption at low installation heights.

Particularly well suited for use on flat ceilings or walls, the panels have a pre-applied, textured surface. This can be left as is or finished with either a StoSilent Top or StoSilent Décor M top coat, to create a variety of smooth or textured surface finishes. The panels can also be finished with a StoColor Climasan top coat, which contains a light-activated catalyst that neutralises organic odours and harmful substances in the environment.

StoSilent Distance is a suspended panel system which allows the creation of the type of flat, seamless surfaces that can bring even the most-ambitious designs to life. StoSilent Distance allows seamless surfaces of up to 200sq m to be achieved on walls and ceilings which are suspended to accommodate services or reduce room height. Sto’s top coats can be used to achieve high-quality attractive finishes in white, or many different colour options. StoSilent Distance offers tremendous design flexibility, and can also be used to create sharp, consistent joints, impressive inclined planes or stunning curves.

The StoSilent Modular range of suspended rafts includes a varied range of acoustic ceiling and wall elements which provide architects and designers with maximum flexibility. Even existing rooms can have their acoustics transformed quickly and easily with StoSilent Modular, and it is particularly suitable for rooms where an acoustic ceiling installed across the full surface may inhibit the performance of a building using thermal mass cooling or heating. Thanks to its flexible steel cable suspension links, the system’s panels can also function as design elements. Three StoSilent Modular options are available, each providing different acoustic properties and design possibilities. However, all are fast and easy to install, and can easily accommodate existing elements such as lighting and air conditioning fittings.

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The fourth element to Sto’s portfolio of solutions is Sto Silent Compact, two acoustic plaster systems that are particularly useful where the original form of the ceiling needs to be preserved, such as in historically important buildings. To complement StoSilent Distance and StoSilent Direct, Sto also offers three types of finish - StoSilent Décor M, StoSilent Top Basic and StoSilent Top - in hundreds of colour options.