Siemens launches latest innovation in hearing aid diagnosis and fitting


Siemens Hearing Instruments showcases new system designed for efficient workflow

Siemens Hearing Instruments recently unveiled the Unity 3, its latest innovation in diagnosis and fitting, at the British Academy of Audiology Annual Conference.

The system provides fast measurements and excellent fitting results to simplify and speed up daily audiology work processes. The portable, lightweight technology is USB powered, also enabling fitting at home or bedside locations and will be available to audiologists in the next couple of months.

The Unity 3 system includes an innovative plug-and-play function. Once headphones are plugged into the station, the instrument adjusts automatically, enabling a fast and proficient set-up. Workflow is also optimised with a portable and simple to use design featuring user-friendly controls and large graphics for easy measurements. The system also minimises downtime for calibration and service, maximising cost-effectiveness. Siemens offers a transducer calibration exchange service meaning that audiology clinics will never be without their Unity 3.

The system is PC-controlled with modular hardware and software components to ensure it remains flexible to fit audiology needs. The Unity 3 is also compatible with various software systems including as standalone with Connexx and in combination with NOAH 3, NOAH 4 along with support for Connexx AutoFit. The solution includes a two-channel diagnostic audiometer, a binaural REM module and a speech mapping module which includes percentile analysis. The system’s transducers possess their own calibration data, also the calibration for sound field testing can be set up with an automatic process using the REM probe microphones.

“The BAA Annual Conference 2013 was a successful event at which Siemens Hearing Instruments was able to showcase the latest innovations in hearing technology. The Unity 3 system provides faster measurements and better fitting results, benefitting audiologists and patients alike,” said Mark Laben, product and marketing manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments.

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“The compact solution fits various rooms and is suitable for wall and soundproof-booth mounting along with desktop use. It also offers a small footprint and lightweight housing which can be detached from the test box making it ideally suited for use in a home environment during external visits.”