Secure texting service designed by medics


Imprivata CorText offers safe way for clinicians to use text messaging

Imprivata has announced the launch of CorText, the first texting application designed by physicians, for physicians, in collaboration with acute care hospitals.

Until now, strict security regulations surrounding protected health information (PHI) have precluded healthcare providers, and patients, from the benefits of quick, convenient data sharing via text.

Imprivata CorText has been developed as the result of strong demand from its 900 healthcare customers and is built on technology and intellectual property acquired from Validus Medical Systems in 2011.

“Whether it’s to request a consult, or to send an image of an EKG to a cardiologist, today’s care providers require a secure and convenient way to collaborate electronically,” said Sean Kelly, managing director and chief medical officer at Imprivata.

“Unlike other texting products, which have been built for consumers, we’ve worked with acute care hospitals and physicians to design CorText to meet the needs of hospital administration and clinicians alike. Based on our 10-year track record for streamlining secure clinical workflows, doctors and nurses find the system easy to use and chief information officers will sleep better at night knowing that it’s secure.”

The solution enables hospitals to provide their physicians and clinicians with an easy, convenient and secure texting solution built for specific clinical workflows. Examples include:

  • Second opinions/photos: Physicians can instantly and securely collaborate with each other by sending images of clinical exam findings, EKGs, and radiological studies. Patients benefit from an expanded range of expertise contributing to their treatment
  • Patient discharge process: Physician-to-nurse communication regarding discharge instructions often results in follow-up questions which must be addressed and confirmed before discharge can take place. With CorText, nurses and physicians can securely communicate in real time via text. This allows for a more efficient, streamlined approach than traditional communication tools such as voice or pager
  • Prescription clarification: Hospital pharmacists must communicate with physicians in order to clarify and/or confirm prescriptions. The ability to text this information, without the risk of a security breach, saves time and speeds patient service

“Clinicians regularly carry pagers along with their personal mobile phones”, said Barry Runyon, research vice president at technology research organisation, Gartner. “They get an alert on one and communicate on the other, resulting in a cumbersome experience and inefficient workflow.

“As the personal adoption of smartphones in healthcare increases, we expect healthcare delivery organisations to converge on a single device for codes, calls, alerts and collaboration. To support this transition, healthcare delivery organisations must enforce appropriate levels of privacy, security and compliance around protected health information while enabling collaborative clinical workflows that enhance care delivery.”

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CorText will be widely available in June for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones.

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