New service and maintenance options from Lec Medical boost refrigeration safety


New service options include appliance calibration, temperature mapping, health checks and IQ/OQ

Lec Medical has expanded its service and maintenance division and has developed a new range of options.

This latest development is designed to meet the growing demand from pharmacies, practices, hospitals and laboratories for the safety and maintenance support of refrigeration and bloodbanks.

Fuelled by stringent MHRA and CQC requirements for the safe and reliable controlled storage of drugs and vaccines, the new service options include appliance calibration, temperature mapping, health checks and IQ/OQ (Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification) for blood banks. Bespoke services are also available to suit individual customer requirements and budget.

As part of the company’s new service and maintenance offering, an expanded and dedicated team of experienced field technicians will carry out all new service options at the customers’ premises. Covering the whole of the UK, the engineers will also provide follow-up training, if required.

Lec Medical’s brand manager, Carolyn Holland, said: “Our new range of service and maintenance options are designed to help customers ensure that their medical appliance is not only functioning correctly and safely, but also meets today’s rigorous standards.

“A recent surge in demand for our appliance health check service confirms that there is more awareness than ever before of the importance of the safe storage of drugs and vaccines. Ongoing service and maintenance is vital to the appliance’s operational capabilities and will help avoid compromising patient safety.”

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Lec Medical’s new range of service options include:

  • Health check: Recommended annually, this service is designed to ensure the product is functioning correctly and can extend the lifespan of the refrigeration equipment. Carried out by a specially-trained technician, the service involves visual inspections of all components including refrigeration systems, compressor and condenser, together with temperature display calibration, and an inspection of the door seal to assess for damage and correct sealing. A full clean of the interior and exterior is also provided
  • Temperature mapping: This service follows MHRA recommendations that all temperature controlled storage equipment should be temperature mapped annually. Suitable for all units, the procedure does not intrude on the functioning of the busy environment and involves a minimum three-point temperature map as standard, with additional points if required. As part of the package, a fully trained technician will complete a report inclusive of recommendations and supply to the customer within days
  • Appliance calibration: It is important that all medical refrigeration appliances are correctly calibrated in order to provide adequate temperature logging and mapping. Lec Medical also offers an advanced data logger that is capable of calibration and is in keeping with MHRA guidelines for the manual and electronic measuring of recording devices
  • IQ/OQ for blood banks: Following the purchase of a blood bank refrigerator, this service ensures that the correct start-up procedures are followed and that the unit is functioning correctly and at the correct temperature. Full training on the appliance is also provided and a complimentary temperature map is added for extra piece of mind