New CLEAN II Supreme cleanroom experience with the very-latest lighting technology


Zumtobel Lighting unveils new highly-efficient LED lighting solution for labs, operating theatres, and hospitals

Zumtobel Lighting has launched the new CLEAN II Supreme, the latest addition to the CLEAN luminaire family, providing a highly-efficient lighting solution for rooms with elevated hygienic requirements such as laboratories, operating theatres and hospitals.

Designed for areas with the most-exacting requirements, CLEAN II Supreme uses MPO+ technology (Micro-Pyramidal Optic) to evenly diffuse the LED light and direct it precisely while reducing glare and ensuring a pleasant light distribution with high luminous efficacy.

The patented optic balances diffuse and directed light and floods the room with brilliant, precise light without contrast overlays, which is particularly helpful for medical personnel carrying out challenging work.

In medical institutions, such as laboratories, operating theatres and hospitals, light must adapt to many specific user requirements.

For example, during operations, the surgical field should be illuminated with wideband white light; while in patient wards or in intensive care, a dynamically-controlled light colour that moves between cool and warm can actively support patients’ biorhythms.

Integrated tunableWhite technology allows CLEAN II Supreme to react appropriately to any environment.

The light colours and luminous intensities of the LEDs are controlled by precisely-calibrated drivers that ensure a constant lumen output at any light temperature or intensity.

And double asymmetric light distribution allows white light to be switched to the secondary light colours of blue or green: asymmetrical light distribution prevents direct glare and eye strain, and is an ideal solution for precise, disruption-free working conditions in otherwise-darkened rooms.

Zumtobel worked closely with cleanroom designers and facility managers for the product design.

It has a streamlined structure that adapts seamlessly to any spatial conditions and requirements and its reduced height means easier installation and maintenance.

Optional access via the rear of the CLEAN II Supreme ST version is tailor-made for use in cleanrooms as maintenance can be carried out without having to enter the cleanroom and the light engine, with its side lighting technology, can also be taken out and replaced easily in just a few minutes.

Its single-pane tempered safety glass with three times the tensile strength is non-porous, dirt-repellent and anti-static, preventing the build-up of germs and bacteria.

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And, with its ultra-resistant, discreet design, the CLEAN II Supreme focuses on pure light and utilises tunableWhite technology to provide additional support and perfect white light quality.