MAT and Ramsay Health Care UK - looking back on a busy year and planning ahead


MAT summarise successful projects delivered in 2017


Medical Air Technology (MAT) has worked with leading private healthcare provider Ramsay Health Care UK for many years, installing operating theatre equipment packages across its hospitals. MAT FM also holds the service contract for all the hospitals in the group.

This year gets off to a flying start with completion of a major refurbishment turnkey project at Ramsay’s Rivers Hospital, Hertfordshire, where MAT has replaced the existing canopies in two operating theatres with new ECO-flow™ ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopies as well as installing new lights, doors, theatre control panels, AHU, ventilation system and controls, and carrying out all redecoration. This was completed to a very tight programme, with all works done within five weeks despite being carried out over the Christmas and New Year period.

MAT has also been appointed to supply, install and commission a further new ECO-flow™ UCV theatre at Woodland Hospital in Northamptonshire, due to open in early spring.

In 2017, MAT completed several exciting projects with Ramsay Healthcare, allowing them to offer a wider range of surgeries to an increased number of patients:

Croydon Day Hospital

This brand new hospital, which opened late 2017, is a purpose-built day case facility, equipped with the latest technology to allow patients to have their procedures and return home on the same day. MAT installed an ECO-flow™ UCV canopy in each of the hospital’s two theatres, as well as medical gas pendants, operating lights and theatre control panels. The project presented some challenges as the hospital is in the Interchange Building in the centre of Croydon, which while being ideal for patients as it is close to transport links, made delivery of large equipment problematic due to traffic and access. In addition, the theatres are situated on the top floor of the building. To address this, the canopies were delivered in quarters and an external material hoist used to get each section to a modified scaffold platform on the right level, where it was placed on rollers and passed carefully and safely through the windows. These issues were overcome successfully thanks to a detailed plan of works and close cooperation between all parties involved.

Springfield Hospital, Chelmsford

After having worked at the hospital in previous years, MAT returned to Springfield Hospital to install a further ECO-flow™ UCV canopy and accompanying pendants, lights and theatre control panel in a new theatre extension with additional recovery space. The hospital has used ECO-flow™ canopies successfully for several years, so when it wanted to increase the number of operating theatres, MAT was the obvious choice.

Fitzwilliam Hospital, Peterborough

Fitzwilliam Hospital brought MAT in to install an ECO-flow™ UCV theatre as part of a refurbishment programme that finished in summer 2017. The new fifth theatre suite, the first to feature an MAT canopy, has allowed Fitzwilliam to increase the surgeries it can offer patients and has also added private recovery room capacity.

Rivers Hospital, Hertfordshire

Rivers Hospital underwent considerable change last year with a new operating theatre extension. Works included the excavation and formation of a basement plant room, formation of the ground floor including a new operating theatre and integrated suite and the full refurbishment of the Day Care area to become the new reception and recovery area. MAT installed an ECO-flow™ canopy and touchscreen theatre control panel with integrated operating light controller, providing the hospital with an advanced and energy efficient environment for ultraclean surgery.

Oaks Hospital, Colchester

MAT also completed a project at Oaks Hospital in 2017, upgrading two existing theatres with new ECO- flow™ canopies, pendants, theatre panels and lights as part of the hospital’s ongoing investment in the latest technology. The installation was completed in just three weeks, including commissioning, allowing patients to benefit from the new facilities as quickly as possible.

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