Intouch with Health launches patient journey platform in Latvia


As a result of this project, the hospital will be able to 'flow' patients around in a more efficient and effective manner

Patient journey experts, Intouch with Health, are pleased to announce it has broken new ground and just launched its award-winning platform internationally in the Baltic States, Latvia, for the very first time.

The Intouch with Health patient journey platform is now live at The Bērnu Klīniskā Universitātes Slimnīca of Latvia.

The Bērnu Klīniskā Universitātes Slimnīca is the only specialised children’s hospital in Riga, and is one of the University hospitals of Latvia, and often abbreviated to BKUS.

BKUS sees more than 30,000 patients hospitalised and more than 160,000 patients receive outpatient medical care services every year. The hospital’s vision is to ensure high quality and safe health care services to children, while developing emergency care, medical education and a science centre.

This landmark project saw Intouch customise and integrate 7 digital check-in kiosks, along with the Check-In, Flow Manager and Calling software solutions into the existing hospital IT infrastructure. Naturally, not only the patient facing software, but also the user software was translated into the Latvian language. Adding to the complexity of this project, Intouch also altered the platform to suit the Latvian social system – including the use of personal numbers, passports and personal identification cards during the check-in process.

Phase 2 of this project will see the Mobile (phone) application launched (including translation into the Latvian language), while also developing the check-in system even further.

As a result of this project, BKUS will be able to 'flow' patients around the hospital in a more efficient and effective manner, while also improving the patient experience. Clinicians will be able to see in real-time the progress of each patient through their journey, starting with the self-check-in digital kiosks which have been customised to suit the Latvian social system.

Kaspars Grosu, Head of Customer Services at Children’s University Hospital in Riga commented “This was a great challenge for the Intouch with Health and BKUS teams because of the cultural, legal and systematic differences. We are proud to be first to break all these barriers and to announce that all is achievable, all you need is persistence and good team. I personally would like to say a big thanks to all who worked to make this happen."Sign up for your free email newsletter

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