Hearing aid device scoops innovative award


Prize recognises ability of miniTek to bring hearing impaired people into the digital age

The miniTek wireless remote streamer for hearing instruments picked up the Best of CES and Fan Favourite awards in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group at the Consumer Electronics Show Awards recently.

An innovative device that streams audio from high-tech gadgets such as smartphones and Mp3 players into hearing aids at the touch of a button, miniTek allows hearing aid users to listen to their stereo at the preferred volume without disturbing others.

Mark Laben, product and marketing manager at manufacturer, Siemens Healthcare, said: “The Siemens miniTek is a great example of how today’s modern hearing devices have the potential to match active and modern lifestyles by embracing Bluetooth technology.

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“The automatic streaming of audio content from multiple devices directly into hearing instruments means that people do not have to blast their TV or stereo at high volumes, plus enables hearing loss individuals to feel part of the gadget nation. We are proud to have received independent recognition by the CES Special Interest Group for this innovation.”