Fostering a friendly atmosphere in healthcare spaces

Allseating launches the Foster Collection

Hospital visits, short or long-term, are no vacation.

When fear of the unknown is hanging heavy in the air, the addition of comfortable seating to a patient’s room has been proven to enhance social support and reduce stress for patients, family and friends alike.

For that reason, Allseating has launched the Foster Collection, which affords healthcare settings a sleek, easy-to-maintain lounge solution.

The collection accomplishes its design with replaceable seat and back cover to prolong the life of the product and provide an infection-free environment, and durable metal steel frame construction for enhanced support.

The Foster Sleeper Chair

The Foster Sleeper Chair

This chair easily converts from seated to lounge and sleep positions with minimal effort, allowing family members to relax and get much-needed rest while assisting in the care of their loved one.

Replaceable seat and back covers provide easy field replacement to extend the lifestyle of the product.

The Foster Sleeper Chair converts from seated to lounge and sleep positions

The Foster Recliner

This alleviates stress by allowing patients and family to easily sit, elevate their feet or recline.

Optional removable covers can be quickly and easily refreshed in order to maintain a clean and infection-free environment.

The Foster Recliner

The Foster Rocker

This provides patients with a rocker base that inspires a calming motion and relaxing effect.

The webbed seat suspension, steel metal frame and sloped arms provide enhanced support.

The Foster Rocker