Fordingbridge latest project: Hull Royal Infirmary


Fordingbridge were approached by Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust to design and build an ambulance bay canopy for their resus ward

A vital part of the design was that the canopy had to accommodate ambulances reversing into the area. The front elevation needed to be kept clear of supporting posts to enable maximum and unobstructed access. The canopy also had to offer whether protection to the side doors of the ambulance as well as the rear.

It was also crucial to take into consideration the safe transfer of patients, staff and members of the public from this area to the ward.

To fulfil the design specification, a gullwing cantilever canopy was designed by the in-house team. This enabled the whole front section to be free of support posts. The main canopy stanchions were placed 2m from the building with a small cantilevered section offering protection to this area. The larger cantilevered section has a span of 8m giving total protection to the ambulance staff and vehicles underneath.

The gull wing design serves a dual purpose as a walkway to offer cover to a pedestrian area, used by staff to transfer patients from the ambulance into the resus ward. Protection from rainfall is fundamental when transporting critically ill patients from the ambulance to the emergency ward.

With an overall span of 10m and a total length of 35m, this canopy provides excellent weather protection to the vehicles, staff, patients and members of the public.

Fordingbridge have vast experience in working on live sites which means the knowledge can be applied in all aspects of the project. This example being an entrance canopy to an emergency ward meant there was no down time on site available. To counteract this, the in-house design team designed the structure in such a way that the build could be broken down into sections to allow the resus ward to remain fully operation 24/7. Fordingbridge worked very closely with the Hospital’s project manager to deliver within their timescales and ensure minimum disruption to a live site.

“From day one Fordingbridge understood the design brief and were able to deliver the project on schedule and on budget. Fordingbridge’s experience working in a “live” hospital environment was evident from the start. The whole project team were organised, professional, accommodating and proficient. I would recommend Fordingbridge to other NHS trusts without hesitation.” Mark Porteous, Project Manager -Hull, NHS Trust

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