Etac R82 launches next-generation Swift Mobil-2 shower commode chairs

Range represents 'breakthrough' is assisted showering and toileting

The new Etac Swift Mobil-2 shower commode chair

Etac R82 has introduced the latest product to its ergonomic and sustainable portfolio – the ground-breaking Etac Swift Mobil-2 shower commode chair range.

The latest Etac Swift Mobil-2 shower commode chair range represents a breakthrough in assisted showering and toileting.

Building on the credentials of its predecessor, the new Etac Swift Mobil 2 is unlike any other shower commode chair on the market.

It encompasses innovative design features that deliver a flexible, attendant-controlled chair that offers utmost personal care.

The product range encompasses four variations: Swift Mobil-2, Swift Mobil-2 XL, Swift Mobil 24”-2 and Swift Mobil Tilt-2.

The XL provides an extra 6cm of width for larger users, the 24”-2 is a self-propel model. and the Tilt-2 provides tilt-in-space functionality.

The design of each chair has been enhanced so levels of access, manoeuvrability and comfort are more advanced for greater client care and dignity.

Carers can now deliver personal care easier than ever before through a unique seat design and refined details.

A larger rear opening provides more access for hygiene tasks and, through innovative materials, the seat surface optimises grip, comfort and efficient cleaning.

Hygiene control is enhanced throughout the design, with modern minimal components and a precision fit.

The redesigned and quick-drying mesh back rest is adjustable to suit varying postures and its enveloping flexibility provides greater support.

Adaptability to individual user needs is a key strength of the new Swift Mobil-2 with 45-60cm seat height range, laterally-adjustable fold-up armrests and a wider XL back option.

With an SWL of 160kg, the Swift is suitable for the majority of semi-ambulant users.

Jon Preater, Etac R82 managing director, said: “2019 continues to be a significant year for the healthcare industry, as we once again introduce a true innovation.

“The Swift Mobil-2 represents the very-latest thinking in assistive equipment that purely centres on client and carer needs.

“We believe this next-generation shower commode chair represents a step change in assisted toileting and bathing and will elevate care to the next level.”

The Swift Mobil Tilt-2 also delivers +5-degree to -35-degree controlled tilt-in-space repositioning to benefit both user and carer.

By using this functionality, pressure management and tissue viability is improved for users, while carers have greater options in terms of engagement – enhanced by dual sided activation for better posture.

Tilt is smooth and controlled through advanced pneumatic mechanisms so the user experience is reassuring and carers can operate with minimal effort.

The self-propel Swift Mobil 24”-2 continues the theme of user-friendly design with carefully-considered wheel configuration.

Side transfers can be seamless, and pelvis and overall postural positioning has been optimised for maximum ability and comfort.

Bespoke specification can be enhanced with a range of quality accessories, ranging from specialist seat pads to lateral supports.