Digital scale has capacity to do more with more


Marsden Weighing Group launches high-capacity MGP-250 for improved patient experience and increased control

A new generation of high-capacity digital weighing scale that will improve essential weight monitoring practices for GPs and health trainers across the UK has been launched by Marsden Weighing Group.

The Marsden MGP-250 is a high-capacity, Class III digital weighing scale, compliant with the LACORS recommendations on medical weighing in GP clinics.

The digital scale, an alternative to the mechanical bathroom scale traditionally used in many GP surgeries, reaches a much higher capacity of up to 250kg, removing the potential embarrassment some patients can feel when weighing scales cannot present a correct weight due to lower capacity.

The scale also delivers the digital readout through a separate discreet read-out monitor, which again removes any potential for embarrassment for the patient and gives the patient more control.

The MGP-250 has been launched as part of Marsden’s new GP catalogue, which showcases Marsden Weighing Group’s latest range of weighing scales.

Debbie Lamplough, a health trainer with Humber NHS Foundation Trust, has been trialling the MGP-250 in her clinic. She said: “We recently started a new weighing group, so the scales came at the right time. As we had a line of people waiting to be weighed it was easy to record the weight of everyone confidentially without everybody else looking at the scales. I also have a client who doesn’t really want to know how much she weighs, so the Marsden scale is perfect. I don’t have to cover up the scales and I can just move the hand-held monitor away and she doesn’t have to know.

“The other major positive is that these scales do go up higher than any which we have used before and we do see rather a lot of large people so it avoids the embarrassment when the scales ‘go off’, so to speak.”

Marsden is a Rotherham-based company which manufactures, sells to and services scales in hospitals throughout the UK. The catalogue presents GPs with a selection of the most appropriate and affordable scales available to them.

Richard Black, managing director of Marsden Group, said: “The MGP-250 far exceeds the standard scales currently used in most GP surgeries – and most importantly, at no extra cost. The features of the MGP-250 make a GP’s jobs much simpler and the patient’s experience easier and more comfortable.”

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For more information and to order a copy of the catalogue visit the website by clicking here or contact the national account manager, Paul McCaig, on +44 7885 998511 or by email at