DDC Dolphin launches new macerator technology


Free trial offered for Pulpmatic Ultima and Uno hands-free range

DDC Dolphin, a provider of dirty utility room equipment and services, has launched two new macerators, the Pulpmatic Ultima and Uno.

The hands-free systems will help in the fight against healthcare associated infections and DDC Dolphin is offering a free three-month trial of both machines to health trusts.

The Pulpmatic range sets new standards in the maceration of bio-degradable pulp product bedpans, bottles, vomit bowls and other similar articles with unique patented hands-free operation to eliminate any potential patient-to-patient cross contamination.

The new advanced range cover all hospital requirements, with the Pulpmatic Uno - a small pulp macerator used for single items which is ideal for isolation, single bed wards and low usage areas - and the Pulpmatic Ultima - a larger macerator for multiple items.

They are operated by means of a foot-sensor to open the machines and an optical sensor to close and start them and both feature dual antimicrobial action with the latest silver nanotechnology in their lid construction, as well as offering automatic disinfection of the internal maceration chambers. In addition, they use unique blade technology for quieter, quicker and more efficient maceration, as well as reduced water and electricity consumption.

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Rob Elliott, sales and marketing director of DDC Dolphin, said: “A major challenge for hospitals and care homes is the fight against healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and C.difficile. As a world-class organisation, our mission is to prevent the transmission of infection by breaking the cycle of infection and cross-contamination. We successfully achieve this through our technologically-advanced design and engineering; our state-of-the-art equipment; our use of high-grade medical materials; our commitment to testing and quality control; and our comprehensive maintenance and training programmes.”