Cepheid’s Xpert CT/NG ideal for confirmatory testing at Antrim Area Hospital

Moecular testing platform confirms Neisseria gonorrhoeae diagnoses

Antrim Area Hospital in Northern Ireland relies on molecular diagnostic testing with Cepheid’s Xpert CT/NG for confirmation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae diagnoses.

Karen Savage, lead BMS for microbiology, said: “Under BASHH guidelines, we are required to confirm all N. gonorrhoeae cases in regions of low prevalence using an alternative technique to the primary screen. Initially, we batch test samples on an automated platform, and then perform confirmatory analysis using the Xpert CT/NG test on the random access GeneXpert instrument.”

“We have been using the GeneXpert for STD confirmation for about two years, and really like its simplicity, versatility and rapid turnaround times. It is very straightforward to use and has been designed with microbiologists, rather than molecular biologists, in mind – and there is virtually no sample preparation needed. It offers the random access needed for STAT tests and has the flexibility to accommodate different tests at the same time.

“For example, we can run tests for CT/NG, C. difficile and MRSA simultaneously. Prior to the launch of the Xpert CT/NG test, we sent confirmatory samples to an external laboratory for confirmation and, although this is an excellent service, there is a turnaround time of several days because of the need for sample transfer between sites. Now, with the Xpert CT/NG test, we provide same-day in-house confirmation.”