Bristol Maid offers solutions for the safe storage of medical records

The safe and secure storage of medical records is an area that is covered during routine inspections, a crucial part of patient safety. NHS England and Improvement advise that all non-digital records containing person-identifiable or confidential information must be stored in recognised filing and storage that are locked at times when access is not directly controlled or supervised.

Through a range of trolleys and workstations Bristol Maid can provide safe and secure storage solutions for patients notes and records.

  • Medical Records Trolleys
  • Medical Records Workstations
  • Medical Records Filing Trolleys
  • Laptop & Motion C5 Holders
  • Carefile Filing Pockets

Workstations and Filing Trolleys can be fitted with Laptop or Motion C5 Holders, offering height, rotation and angle adjustment, compatible with laptops 280-435 x 22mm (w x h).

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