Apreco are the world leaders in the development, manufacture and distribution of air pressure stabilisers and pressure relief vents.

Specialists in air pressure control, Apreco manufacture air pressure stabilisers and pressure relief vents. We have over 50 years of knowledge and experience in air pressure control, supplying our products to a worldwide audience. In 202 we were able to supply


There is a very real situation where some manufacturers of fire suppression products have not been verified. You can be reassured that all Apreco products and accessories have been designed to meet the demands of all industry sectors supplied, with the approvals and certifications meeting the relevant guidelines and standards that matter to you.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • EWCL5
  • UAE Certificate of Compliance


The use of air pressure stabilisers within hospitals and cleanrooms is the proven method of controlling the sterility of these environments. Apreco solutions for healthcare and life science facilities including but not limited to:

  • Operating Theatres
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Sterile Services Departments
  • Cleanrooms
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Research Laboratories and Electronics Production Facilities
  • Aseptic Suites
  • Endoscopy suites, Pharmacies, Cardiac Catheter Laboratories, Interventional Radiology Suites, CAT 3 Laboratories

Operating Theatres, Isolation Rooms & Sterile Services Departments

These critical environments must be free from airborne contaminants as detailed in HTM 03-01 guidelines. The proven method of achieving this is by both creating positive and negative pressure rooms through the use of air pressure stabilisers. Air pressure stabilisers protect patients, staff and reusable medical devices from the ingress of infectious agents, dust and bacteria by controlling the air flow. These devices ensure that air moves one way only, from cleanest areas, down into the various rooms, and finally out to the assigned ‘dirty’ spaces. This system can also be employed in Aseptic Suites, Endoscopy suites, Pharmacies, Cardiac Catheter Laboratories, Interventional Radiology Suites, CAT 3 Laboratories, and other specialist areas that may require infectious control. When the door is open, Apreco’s VARI-centric Air Pressure Stabiliser closes pushing the air through the open door creating an invisible barrier of air through the doorway; stopping unwanted particles from passing through into the next room. As the airflow is constantly maintained, any unwanted particles (if present) will move down the system making their way safely away from the patients and staff. Apreco have been acknowledged for their assistance in contributing to Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 03-01) which supersedes HTM 2025. Apreco have also assisted with the validation of Isolation Room design following Health Building Notes (HBN 4 : Supplement 1).

Cleanrooms, Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, Research Laboratories and Electronics Production Facilities

The use of air pressure stabilisers is proven to protect the sterility of pharmaceutical clean rooms and manufacturing facilities. Installed within the clean rooms of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and commercial companies worldwide, our air pressure stabilisers sustain effective room differential pressure control to maintain a sterile environment. Apreco have been involved in some very prestigious facilities where cleanrooms are being controlled with our Air Pressure Stabilisers to assist in meeting the requirements of these facilities designed adhering to ISO room classifications. All of our air pressure stabilisers are powder coated at our UK facility with SteriTouch as standard. We were the first company to use the SteriTouch antimicrobial coating in 2005, and we have continued our 15-year relationship with SteriTouch to ensure that we keep up with the latest infection prevention measures.


Apreco have been at the forefront of fire suppression and pressure relief vent design in the fire sector for many years. Apreco’s fire suppression vents provide protection against overpressure in the case of inert gas systems such as IG-55 and Inergen and under-pressure venting with gases such as FM200 and NOVEC 1230.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems – under/over pressure venting

Gaseous Fire suppression systems are used as an alternative to water mist systems to protect the property within libraries, data centres and museums. A fire suppression system will automatically extinguish a fire with a gas discharge, without the need for human intervention. A pressure relief vent is then required to compensate for the negative and positive pressures that result from the gas discharge. For more information on the use of pressure relief vent application, read our latest article here: https://bit.ly/3gIA7DN

Tall Buildings – pressurised stairwells

Our vents are also used in the pressurisation of stairwells. The pressurisation of stairwells is a common method of ensuring safe means of exit from a building on fire. A pressurisation system is intended to prevent smoke leaking past closed doors into stairs by injecting clean air into the stair enclosure such that the pressure in the stair is greater than the adjacent fire compartment.


At Apreco we can assist project managers, architects, facilities managers and engineering consultants in the design and product selection for both new build and refurbishment projects. Our Technical Engineers can help you design the most suitable air flow regime for your.


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To ensure that healthcare environments are fir for purpose, they must undergo an annual verification. Annual verification reports must be undertaken in accordance with HTM 03-01 which states that air pressure stabilisers should be checked for correct operation and cleaned annually. Apreco can carry out condition reports and site surveys of your air pressure stabilisers for you. We advise that you check your verification reports to ensure that your air pressure stabilisers are still working as per the original design.