ATi UK is a specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer, solutions provider and OEM supplier. We are global leaders in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and perecetic acid (PAA) monitoring during decontamination, sterilisation and cleaning processes.

Our pioneering and industry-leading range of toxic gas detectors provide the highest quality monitoring solutions available, allowing customers to prove efficacy and ensure a safe and healthy environment. 

As a UK-based company, we operate worldwide through our own sales offices and international distributor network.

ATi UK are innovators and leading providers of engineered, analytical, electrochemical sensor monitoring solutions, specialising in hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

As a trusted global supplier to the healthcare industry, our PharmaSafe range of innovative gas detection and monitoring solutions are trusted across the world and come with award-winning customer support.

ATi’s specialist manufactured, low range (0-100ppm) and high range (0-2000ppm) hydrogen peroxide sensors, which form part of the PharmaSafe range, are vital in proving efficacy during decontamination and also monitoring residual gas levels for safe re-entry to a room after cleaning.

The gas monitors use specialist pre-calibrated H202 or PAA sensors and can also feature a built-in data logging facility for historical data capture, which can be used to prove or disprove claims of exposure. The system gives ‘peace of mind’ to the health & safety staff that all stakeholders are protected with alerts if limits are exceeded.

Our sensors are pre-calibrated and interchangeable between devices, enabling customers to increase productivity, manage risks to patients or workspaces and reduce operating costs.


  • Healthcare
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Drink
  • Industrial
  • Decontamination

Efficacy and Validation

ATi are one of the only specialist gas sensor manufacturers in the world that manufacture dedicated H202 and PAA sensors. Used with our fixed and portable gas monitoring solutions, our PharmaSafe range will validate your cleaning process, proving efficacy and monitor residual gas levels, reducing downtime of the contaminated area. The versatility of the systems also allows for protection against over-gassing, can control unauthorised access to the rooms during decontamination and can control dosing times and venting, post decontamination.

The PharmaSafe range can assist with the effectiveness of the decontamination and cleaning processes, providing an audit trail, whilst helping to keep staff safe.

AutoTest Feature

ATi UK is the only manufacturer in the world that offers the pioneering and unique AutoTest feature, making the intrinsically safe F12 monitor the safest gas detector in the world and the gold standard in gas detection.

The patented design automatically checks itself daily with self-generated gas, allowing for safer and more confident monitoring – far exceeding all health and safety regulations.

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This unique feature is designed to detect and monitor potentially hazardous toxic and flammable gas leaks, to ensure the safest possible working environment.It provides an early warning alarm if gas escapes, allowing for timely remedial or protective actions to be undertaken.  

Monitoring Solutions

  • Gas Sensors (Available to Measure over 60 Different Gases or Vapours)
  • D16 PortaSens lll Handheld Gas Detector

  • F12/D Fixed Gas Monitor
  • IsoMon Automated Dual Channel Monitoring System (High & Low Range)
  • OxiGuard Visual Alarm Monitor
OxiNet Controller