Healing art and the curative environment

NHS trusts from across the country talk about how arts in health is having a positive impact on healthcare environments, and what makes projects successful

picture of Views of art, and participation in art activities, can have a hugely-positive impact on hospital patients. The CW+ arts programme at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been running for 25 years and recent projects include <i>Falling Leaves</i> by Sian Tucker

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Building Better Healthcare Awards announces new categories to reflect COVID-19 efforts

The new awards have been introduced to recognise and reward the global efforts displayed by firms

Artists donate works to 100 NHS staff respite rooms

Leading artists showcase their work across five hospitals in east London to improve the lives of NHS frontline staff

Omnicell introduces COVID-19 item forecast report to help frontline healthcare staff

This report will provide customers with a real time view of stock items including COVID-19 related medicines and ...

Creating safe, comfortable places for people with dementia

We speak to Kate Waterston of Construction Specialties about the secret to creating truly-dementia-friendly environments

Procurement must become centre stage in the NHS if we’re to cope with the public health demands of the nation

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Synopsis innovates to support the NHS tackle post COVID-19 pre-op backlog

In response to COVID-19, the NHS has postponed more than 2 million operations after non-emergency surgery was cancelled ...

Health experts reveal 10 most important medicines in NHS history

Antipsychotics, breast cancer drug, oral contraceptives and MMR vaccine make the top 10

Collaboration delivers integrated virtual consultations to the NHS

Intouch with Health has announced a series of collaborations with several industry-leading virtual consultation ...

New mobile app feature released in response to COVID-19

The Intouch Mobile app now enables patients to check-in remotely once they are in close proximity to the hospital, ...

Finding your way!

João Fernandes, founder and chief executive of BuzzStreets, looks at how the way we navigate around hospitals will ...

IP nurse call, trunking and service columns installed at Queen Elizabeth Hospital inShare

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham dubbed the UK’s first super hospital, the £545 million Queen Elizabeth Hospital ...

CIP should be more than just the money, money, money

Robin Modak, CEO of Genmed discusses the financial pressures NHS trusts are experiencing and how to balance this demand ...

The 2020 Building Better Healthcare Awards is back with new categories!

The industry renowned ceremony continues to grow to reflect the work of the built healthcare environment

Designing through experience

How service users are helping to create a new generation of supportive mental health facilities